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About our store

We are a woman-owned store located in Tulsa's historic midtown. We believe in honoring all spiritual paths and seekers. We carry a variety of goods for everyone from boho to Buddhist, crystal-lover to candle fanatic, Mother-Earth-loving to magic-weaving to mighty skeptic. Books, stones, incenses, herbs and teas, cartomancy decks, home décor, and so much more fill our shop; we also stock locally crafted goods, including handmade organic bath products, jewelry, and local art.

Spiritual Rose is named after our owner's mother, whose portrait hangs behind our front counter. We hope to honor her brave entrepreneurial spirit, fierce femininity, and loving perspective.

We are currently seeking opportunities for giving in alignment with our values. Spiritual Rose values giving back to women and girls in our community who have faced adversity, standing with our LGBTQ+ soul siblings, multi-faith fellowship and cooperation, and racial equality.

Faces of SPIritual rose

Teresa "Rose" Hunt

Owner, Ordained Minister, Intuitive Reader and Reiki Master

My name is Teresa Rose Hunt, and I am the owner of Spiritual Rose! I am a intuitive medium with over 30 years of experience in intuitive readings, energy work, cleansings and more.  It has been my dream for many years to own and operate a Spiritual store in my community and help those in need. I have always held a passion for helping people, but that passion extends far beyond humans to animals, plants, the Earth, the spirit realm and more. I worked as a veterinary technician for 16 years and have a great passion and capability of reading and healing animals, as well.  I also utilize tarot  and oracle cards, pendulums, tea leafs, palmistry and many other forms of divination in my work.  I have long since been awakened to my intuition and able to communicate with guides, angels, animal totems, past ancestors, and Spirit with ease.

My ancestral line staples through history and has been traced back to a long line of ancient Nordic and Irish line of women with the same gifts as me. Many traditions have been kept through the years and precious knowledge from the women in my family have been passed down, child to child. I was influenced by my Great Grandmother when I was very young. In such, it has been a way of life for me. It is my duty to honor this sacred knowledge and to help pass the healing arts I have learned. It is my passion to help my clients achieve answers they need to live and realize their own purpose and passion in this life while also providing information to help cope with life’s ebbs and flows.  My goal with my clients is to help them walk their spiritual path with confidence and clarity, so that they may help others along their path, as well.


Love and Healing Energy,

Teresa Rose Hunt

Featured Readers, Healers, & Teachers

Amber Small

Office manager,  intuitive reader


Hello to all the Spiritual Rose clients. My name is Amber Small. I have been on my new spiritual  path for about three years now. I am pleased to bring my management

experience to Spiritual Rose. I am looking forward to learning and growing with

everyone here. 


Jana Lynn.jpg
Jana Lynn

Jana Lynn began her training in Controlled Remote Viewing in 2004 with Lyn Buchanan, one of the group of military Remote Viewers, and she has continued her training in Controlled Remote Viewing through the Advanced Levels with Lyn Buchanan, and again more recently with Lori Williams, of Intuitive Specialists, Inc.

Randy Hunt

Reiki Practitioner


 Randy Hunt is a certified Reiki practitioner. Randy is the husband of Spiritual Rose Store owner, Teresa Rose Hunt. He has retired from his previous job to join the healers here. 


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