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African Blood-stone is a powerful healing stone used for thousands of years for its healing properties. Great at grounding negative energy and cleansing the body, Blood-stone brings love into any situation and helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue. Blood-stone has been used to increase energy and strength. Hold Tumbled Blood-stone when you're in need of an extra boost, or feel the need to detoxify. You can carry Tumbled Blood-stone in your pocket to keep you feeling balanced, and to help you overcome fearfulness and worry. Blood-stone is thought to enhance intuition and creativity, and can be used to combat fatigue, irritability and confusion. Blood-stone has also known to be a great support for women during their menstrual cycle. Blood-stone is composed of deep Green Chalcedony and small dots of Hematite that create the red spotting. Blood-stone is also referred to as Heliotrope or "Blood Jasper" although it is not actually a type of Jasper.Legend says that Blood-stone was first formed at Christ's crucifixion by drops of blood staining the stones at the foot of the cross.

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