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One of the most beautiful crystals is the blue obsidian, some of them look like blue-green and electric blue . Just like other obsidian’s, it’s also a form of volcanic stone which consists of Silica or silicon dioxide. Since it’s not formed through crystallization, it’s not considered a mineral. Instead, it’s a natural volcanic glass with magnesium and iron impurities. Every blue obsidian has its microscopic bubble patterns that result in its unique color sheen. Blue obsidian stone can also help in tarot reading and astral travel. It helps them to be more in control especially if they need to do important travel. Thus, it will make them feel more at ease. When psychic people being assisted by blue obsidian, they can explore more of their spiritual ability including develop long-term gift. Every person is prone to negative energy and it’s even worse for sensitive people because they can be more prone. That’s when blue obsidian comes and gives help. Since it helps to aid mental clarity, it can help to heal mental disorder like multiple-personality confusion, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. Since these kinds of disorders cannot be healed 100% with medicines, using the stone will mean a lot and can create huge differences. Aside to help heal mental disorder, blue obsidian meaning also work well to improve the glands including prostate and circulatory system.

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